Police Officer

What Is This Job Like?

The main part of being a officers is to catch criminals and finding evidence of a crime. Some officers usually patrol and give traffic tickets. Other officers have different duties like guarding prisoners. you usually have a vehicle like a bike, a car, a boat, or even a helicopter. Most officers wear blue, black, or even desert color uniforms. Detectives wear civilian clothes so they wont alert criminals if spotted. Almost every officer works forty hours a week. Some officers work with dogs to sniff out illegal stuff. These units are called K9" units.

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How Do You Get Ready?
To get ready, first you need to be a U.S. citizen. Another thing that's important is that you need to be healthy, strong, and have good character. You must pass a written test to enter. You also need to be a high school graduate. when in collage, you will need some training. It is not easy to enter so you will need to try your best. you have to be able to run a long time without stopping and know how to drive well. You need to be brave at all times.

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How Much Does This Job Pay?
Being a police officer will get you to earn over five hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Doing your work more often will give you more money. usually, Officers will retire after thirty years of service.
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How Many Jobs Are There?
there were over six hundred thousand officers, Sheriffs, and detectives in 2008. almost 9 out of 10 worked for local government, the others worked for state or federal police agencies. Only about ten officers killed a year in United States.Some officers went into a gun fight and survived. If its needed, they will use SWAT teams. SWAT is police that use bullet proof vest and bigger weapons. They aren't on patrol duty.

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Are There Any Jobs Like This?
jobs that are aike is are: Correctional officers, Customs and immigration inspectors, firefighting occupations, Private detectives, investigators, and Security guards.

link: http://bls.gov/k12/law01.htm
link for pictures: http://www.laurinburgpolice.org/images/swat-3.jpg